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Pawcut & Exodus - Persona Non Grata (LP) (Vinyl)

Persona Non Grata is the result of Pawcut joining forces with Exodus from Botswana. Together they bring you this amazing album which comes with a stunning artwork by Hr Pixel. The track list consists of beats produced by Pawcut and features an entire roster of talented rappers and singers such as Billy Woods, Nomadic, Katharsis, Chantty Natural, Red-I Scotch, Junior, Emanuel Funk, Neo Kaliske and of course Exodus. Bringing you an incredibly unique experience and a rich blend of ideas. Comes in unique Hand Made Silk Screen printed covers.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Persona Non Grata
  2. Drinks on Me (Feat. Chantty Natural)
  3. Rebel's Gun (Feat. Nomadic) Tape/Digibonus
  4. Theatre of Injustice (Feat. Billy Woods)
  5. Rapping and Bubbling (Feat. Chanty Natural X Red-I Scotch X Junior.)
  6. Demise of Arthur Scargill (Cuts By Franz Branntwein)
  7. One Way
  8. Heaven (Feat. Chantty Natural & Katharsis) (Video)
  9. Way of the Maverick
  10. Vulture's Picnic (Feat. Billy Woods)
  11. Halicion Days (Feat. Emmanuel Funk)
  12. Hades Dancefloor (Feat. Emmanuel Funk)
  13. Playing God
  14. Dear Yesterday
  15. Back Home (Feat. Neo Kaliske)