Paul McCartney - Paul Is Live [2LP]

Paul Is Live, recorded during the tour in support of Off The Ground, was Paul's fifth live album and is famous for its title's double meaning and the rumour-scotching cover art. Ever since the 1969 release of Abbey Road, there had been hoax-fuelled stories of Paul's untimely death. The new title was a way of saying that this was most definitely not the case. The artwork is a play on the famous Abbey Road cover, with Paul crossing that same street but wearing shoes and using his left hand.1.Drive My Car [Live In Kansas City], 1.Magical Mystery Tour [Live In Parramatta, Sydney], 2.C'Mon People [Live
In Kansas City], 2.Let Me Roll It [Live In Boulder], 3.Lady Madonna [Live In Atlanta], 3.Looking For Changes [Live
In Kansas City], 4.Paperback Writer [Live In Charlotte], 4.Peace In The Neighbourhood [Live In Boulder], 5.All My
Loving [Live In New York], 5.Penny Lane [Live In Boulder], 6.Live And Let Die [Live In Boulder], 6.Robbie's Bit
(Thanks Chet) [Live In Charlotte] 1.Good Rockin' Tonight [Live In Charlotte], 1.Kansas City [Live In Kansas City],
2.We Can Work It Out [Live In New York], 2.Welcome To Soundcheck [Live], 3.Hope Of Deliverance [Live In New
York], 3.Hotel In Benidorm (Soundcheck) [Live In Boulder], 4.I Wanna Be Your Man (Soundcheck) [Live In
Parramatta, Sydney], 4.Michelle [Live In Boulder], 5.A Fine Day (Soundcheck) [Live In New York], 5.Biker Like An
Icon [Live In Boulder], 6.Here, There And Everywhere [Live In Parramatta, Sydney], 7.My Love [Live In San