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Papercuts - Do What You Will b/w Thoughts on Hell [7''] (Vinyl)

Based in San Francisco, Papercuts' music is an affecting and
unique strain of Northern California-tinged, atmospheric and
melodic pop. The first Papercuts album, Mockingbird, was
released on Antenna Farm in 2004. Can't Go Back (2007) and
You Can Have What You Want (2009) were subsequently both
released on the Gnomonsong label, run by Andy Cabic of Vetiver.
Live, Papercuts also includes David Enos on keys (he's also
responsible for a lot of Papercuts' album art), Graham Hill on
drums (Graham also plays w/ Beach House) and Frankie Keoller
on bass. In addition, Quever operates a home studio called the
Pan American Recording Studio and has worked as both an
engineer and producer with artists such as Cass McCombs and,
most recently, Port O'Brien.
We will be releasing Papercuts' new Fading Parade, their Sub
Pop debut, on March 1st, 2011. The a-side of this single, ''Do
What You Will,'' is on that album and the b-side, ''Thoughts
On Hell'' is not.

Track Listing:
Side A: Do What You Will
Side B: Thoughts on Hell