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PAIN: The Board Game - by Sampson Starkweathe [Book] (paperback, 160 pages)

The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said Life is Pain. Poet Sampson Starkweather says PAIN: The Board Game. Third Man Books’ fourth title has, evidently, caused pain in a few lives already: four printing presses in Nashville, TN, refused the book due to objections over content! PAIN: The Board Game is 160 pages of poetry, 15 full color illustrations by Jon-Michael Frank, and the first book of poetry that is both page-turning-analog and online interactive. Find out why some describe Starkweather as, ''Not only thrillingly accessible, not only deeply thought-provoking, but also, and without exaggeration, historically important.''—The Huffington Post

* The first analog plus online interactive book of poetry
* Features 15 color illustration by Jon-Michael Frank
* 160 pages of poetry as visual as readable
* Starkweather sold out TMR's live venue of 400 and sold out his books.
* Sampson Starkweather’s previous title First Four Books was a best seller for Small Press Distribution.
* Even comes with content deemed inappropriate by modern-age printing presses!

when I die
will someone please
keep me alive
in Second Life
my password
to all things
is pipedream!
don’t forget
the exclamation
point and feel
free to bring
the sniper
in the mall
I leave
a hole
in everything