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Overcoats - The Fight [LP] (gatefold) (Vinyl)

Overcoats’ second full-length album The Fight is a ten song battle cry. However, Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell's vision
is not about picking up arms, but rather picking yourself up. The New York-natives’ debut for Loma Vista Recordings
is a spectrum of sonic outbursts designed to empower and uplift. With The Fight, Overcoats buck trends, overturn
expectations, and crank out a unique brand sticky sweet pop subversion tightened up to Swedish standards under a
Seattle grunge haze.

Track Listing
1. I’ll Be There, 2. Fire and Fury, 3. The Fool, 4. YJSTS, 5. Apathetic Boys, 6. Leave If You Wanna, 7. Keep The
Faith, 8. Drift, 9. The Fight, 10. New Shoes