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Outlaws - Dixie Highway [2LP] (Transparent with Black Swirls 140 Gram Vinyl, printed inner sleeves, gatefold)

''I want the fans to see the band's growth, to recognize the quality of the music,'' says Paul. ''It's focused on where we come from, where we're headed and how much fun
we're still having on the ride.'' And from the state-of-the-art production to its throwback double-album gatefold vinyl, Dixie Highway remains a route whose legacy has a
sound and spirit all its own. ''We wrote and recorded this album to reinforce the notion that the Outlaws still matter,'' Henry says, ''and that Southern Rock will always matter.
It's a message we're proud to bring into the 21st century.''

Side A
1. Southern Rock Will Never Die 5:18
2. Heavenly Blues 4:49
3. Dixie Highway 5:48
Side B
1. Overnight From Athens 4:23
2. Endless Ride 6:05
3. Dark Horse Run 5:485
Side C
1. Rattlesnake Road 4:08
2. Lonesome Boy From Dixie 4:48
3. Showdown 3:10 (Instrumental)
Side D
1. Windy City's Blue 5:44
2. Macon Memories 4:30