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OTHERWISE - Defy [LP] (Transparent Colored Vinyl, )

A little danger makes rock music memorable. Tapping into the spirit of rebelliousness, Otherwise embrace nonconformity on their fifth full-length album, Defy, available November 8th through Mascot Records. Since their self-titled independent debut in 2006, Otherwise's quiet grind elevated the group to the forefront of 21st century rock. Enlisting the help of producer Matt Good (Asking Alexandria, Hollywood Undead, Memphis May Fire, From First To Last, The Word Alive), Otherwise hold nothing back on the new album. They made it a point to push the boundaries of their signature style in terms of both song craft and sonic experimentation alike. In the end, Otherwise do the most dangerous thing possible and uproot all expectations. The transparent vinyl includes a code for a complimentary MP3 of the album.


Full Length Vinyl 1

Side A Side B

01 Bad Trip
02 Money
03 Crossfire
04 Lifted
05 Picking At Bones

01 Ain't Done Yet
02 Goliath
03 Don't Even
04 Fame And Miss Fortune
05 Unbreakable
06 Good Fight