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Orwells, The - Terrible Human Beings [LP] (download)

The Orwells are five guys from Chicago, IL, playing rock'n' roll music with an unmatched ragged intensity. Cousins Mario Cuomo (vocals) and Dominic Corso (guitar), twins Grant (bass) and Henry Brinner (drums), and Matt O'Keefe (guitar) have been playing together since late 2009, when they were in 9th grade. Although one might try to simply sum up their sound as garageorpunk, it isn't that simple. TheOrwellssound comes from a deeper, different place that is both long forgotten and yet timeless. Their live show is frenetic, charged and feels like it could go off the rails at any moment-with the audience in full participation.

01 They Put A Body In The Bayou
02 Fry
03 Creatures
04 Vacation
05 Black Francis
06 M.A.D.
07 Buddy
08 Hippie Soldier
09 Heavy Head
10 Body Reprise
11 Ring Pop
12 Last Call (Go Home)
13 Double Feature