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Nora Brown - Cinnamon Tree [LP] (Vinyl)

Nora Brown, at 13 years of age, plays with beauty and depth in the performances captured on her debut album 'Cinnamon Tree'. Produced by legendary musician Alice Gerrard and recorded at Studio 808a, an old farmhouse in Floyd, Virginia, the songs, stories and instrumentals on this record draw the listener in. They are poignant and transformative, challenging listeners to allow this old and ''outsider'' music into their present day life, alongside the music on the radio, TV, and front pages of the internet. Nora is joined on several songs by award-winning fiddler Stephanie Coleman. These songs were learned by Nora through the continued tradition of visiting elder musicians in her community, from old records and field recordings in archival collections. The album is available via digital and on vinyl in a limited first edition of 500 copies, pressed at Third Man Pressing in Detroit, signed and numbered with custom letterpress jackets.