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Nick Lowe - Love Starvation / Trombone [LP] (Vinyl)

As he approaches his 70th birthday, it's incredible that Nick Lowe hasn't lost a step in his unrivaled songwriting and rockin' abilities. His forthcoming four song EP, Love Starvation/Trombone, features the razor-sharp lyricism that he's made so famous and is complemented by the returning dulcet tones of his backing band and tour mates Los Straitjackets. Lowe originals like ''Love Starvation,'' ''Trombone'' and the tender ''Blue on Blue'' are among his strongest compositions across his half-a-century-spanning career. Lowe breathes new life into a cover of Rick Nelson's ''Raincoat in the River,'' which may be mistaken for an original given the unique cadence and arrangement Nick and Los Straitjackets put on the classic tune. There's no slowing down for Nick Lowe, and these four songs will leave you pining for even more from the Jesus of Cool.

A1. Love StarvationA2. Blue on BlueA3. TromboneA4. Raincoat in the RiverB1. TromboneB2. Blue on BlueB3. Raincoat in the RiverB4. Love Starvation