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Nicholas Carras - She Demons (Soundtrack) [LP] (Green Vinyl)

A tympani symphony of demonic mayhem! Nicholas Carras' soundtrack for this 1958 'horror' film adds a much needed shot of drama and excitement to the wide range of bizarre charms captured on screen. Carras employs thundering tympani and a small ensemble for an enthralling score, highlighted by a drum-propelled dance and Oscar-worthy dialog. Pressed on demon green vinyl and includes a menacing movie poster!
01. News Announcement (dialog) 02. Opening Credits 03. Inside Of Your Hat (dialog) 04. Washed Up On The Beach 05. Footprints In The Sand 06. Blood Stains (dialog) 07. Snake In The Jungle 08. Ambushed On The Beach 09. A Dead Body 10. Chances In The Jungle (dialog) 11. Dance 12. Beautiful Again (dialog) 13. Guards Round Up Dancers 14. She's Dead (dialog) 15. Caged Women 16. She Demon 17. Tension 18. Underground Lab 19. A Tough Crust (dialog) 20. Subterranean Smooch 21. Suspense 22. Hiding 23. OK Big Boy (dialog) 24. Fight 25. Caught 26. She Demons, Hah! (dialog) 27. Mona Enters 28. Menace 29. Torture 30. Escape 31. Experiments On My Wife (dialog) 32. Nazi Pursuit 33. How Bad Is Your Face? (dialog) 34. Mona's Face 35. In The Tunnel 36. Final Battle 37. A Fortune Cookie (dialog) 38. End Title 39. Trailer