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Nicholas Carras - Missile To The Moon (Soundtrack) [LP] (Red Vinyl)

Theremin doppelganger-fueled space exploration! While this 1958 sci-film may have been a rather careless construction (and heavy on the cardboard) there was clearly more thought involved in hiring Nicholas Carras, whose score is equally thunderous and evocative. Strings accentuate the bevy of space beauties and the sounds of electric violin are manipulated to create otherworldly and theremin-like space sounds, all celebrated in an orbit of delectable dialog. Pressed on rocket red vinyl and includes a movie poster!
01. Prologue 02. Escaped Prisoners (dialog) 03. Main Title 04. Suspense 05. Rocket Ship Suspense 06. Rocket Trap 07. Panel Flash 08. We're Heroes (dialog) 09. Blast Off 10. Off Balance 11. Moonshine 12. On The Moon 13. Rock Man Rock 14. In The Caves 15. Oxygen 16. Cave Suspense 17. The Lido 18. Court In Session 19. Now You Must Rest 20. Are These Real? (dialog) 21. Sweethearts On Parade 22. Show Me (dialog) 23. Minds Over Men 24. Don't Think (dialog) 25. Boy Meets Girl 26. Cat Fight 27. Mind Over Matter 28. Space Flirting (dialog) 29. Spider Monster 30. Drum Sweetness 31. Spider Bait 32. Lethal Lover 33. Do Or Die 34. Release The Gas (dialog) 35. Do Or Die Reprise 36. Oxygen Escaping (dialog) 37. Final Escape 38. Gotta Get Out Of Here (dialog)