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Natalie Merchant - Motherland [LP] (180 Gram, import)

Motherland is the third solo album by Natalie Merchant, released in 2001. The album is musically eclectic, varying from Middle Eastern violin-reggae beat fusion ''This House Is on Fire'' to 10,000 Maniacs-sounding ''Tell Yourself''. Folky ''Motherland'' precedes stylistically Merchant's next album, The House Carpenter's Daughter.

The album is dedicated to the victims of September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks upon the United States. However, the recording was finished two days before the event, so the songs are not influenced by it. The event has still affected people's interpretations of the lyrics. Additionally, the cover was changed at the last minute to accommodate the post-9/11 world. Her original concept for the photograph on the album cover was a picture of children in a field wearing oxygen masks. We shot these kids in upstate New York on Sept 10, she recalled. And then we were going to reshoot on the 11th. Of course we canceled the session. The day I brought the pictures into the city, there were articles on the run here for Cipro and gas masks. I was getting pressure, anyway, from the record label, friends even, that the image was too controversial. So finally I gave in. A photograph of a demure-looking Ms. Merchant was used instead.

Track Listing:
1. This House Is on Fire
2. Motherland
3. Saint Judas
4. Put the Law on You
5. Build a Levee
6. Golden Boy
7. Henry Darger
8. The Worst Thing
9. Tell Yourself
10. Just Can't Last
11. Not in This Life
12. I'm Not Gonna Beg