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N8NOFACE - Synth Up The Punx (2x7") (Vinyl) LP

Out of step, deep in his lane and years ahead of the pack, the cyber cholo offers up his seventh full-length solo album "SYNTH UP THE PUNX", out in March 2019 on HIT+RUN. Technology and the streets crash & burn in N8's minimal synth tales revealing incendiary insights on individuality, desire and the criminal mind. N8's unique rapid-fire over-before-they-start offerings, reveal a stark brutal honesty that gouges the listener and leaves a proud scar. Last summer N8 collaborated on the dramatic nineteen-song "GNARFACE" collection with fellow Tucson-ite Gnar, where each swap piercing production & vocal stabs. Most recently N8 was featured on the blistering lead single "Punk Police" from HO99O9's 2018 EP 'Cyber Cop'. "SYNTH UP THE PUNX" [HNR93] is a 16-track / 20-minute self-produced album, recorded at his loner Long Beach home studio during 2017-2018, although the sample-laded "Countdown" & Oi! Punk of "Only You Care" date as far back as 2015.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Come Out for You
  2. They Get Down
  3. Rip and Run
  4. Every Man for Himself
  5. Only Lonely
  6. So So Sick
  7. Countdown
  8. P.O.S
  9. Kill That Number
  10. Post No Bills
  11. Only You Care
  12. Pig Farm
  13. Face Your Years
  14. Give Me My
  15. Enter the Exit
  16. All Alone