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Monolithe - Epsilon Aurigae / Zeta Reticuli [3LP] (Vinyl)

This limited triple vinyl edition gathers, in a
lavish trifold sleeve, both ''Epsilon Aurigae''
and ''Zeta Reticuli'' albums. A colossal piece
of interstellar cosmic heavy music!
After an incredible and unique cycle of 4
outstanding albums that have deeply marked
the history of Doom Metal, MONOLITHE open
a fascinating new chapter in their story with
a surprising and phenomenal new offering.
Surprising, because the absolute singularity
of MONOLITHE's artistic genius is celebrated
this time through an amazing Progressive
Dark Metal approach. This fantastic project
is perpetually evolving, and they have
demonstrated once again an insatiable need
to discover new sonic horizons. And
phenomenal, because with this new album
the band follow in the mystical footsteps of
the great musical explorers of the '70s,
showing a fabulous and exciting sense of
composition. Even if their specific touch is
immediately recognizable, the three
monumental pieces developed here are
powerfully affecting and channel the purity
of deep emotions at the heart of the sound.
''Epsilon Aurigae'' is a massive maelstrom of
powerfull riffs, memorable melodies, and
sublime instrumental developments.
On ''Zeta Reticuli'' the band transposes the
bold, exploratory approach of greats such as
MAGMA or UNIVERS ZERO into the mystical
universe of cosmic heavy music. ''Zeta
Reticuli'' is a monster: a stellar explosion of
sound and emotion powered by a massive
groove and avalanches of overwhelming riffs.
Simultaneously epic, grandiose, melodic and
deadly heavy, ''Zeta Reticuli'' expands the
definition of Doom Metal in a sublime
refinement and reinvention of MONOLITHE's
Mesmerizing and fascinating from beginning
to end, this brilliant new album is
undoubtedly the magnum opus of this
incredibly unique band.

1. Synoecist 14:59
2. Ecumenopolis 14:59
3. TMA-0 14:59
4. TMA-1 14:59
5. Everlasting Sentry 14:59
6. The Barren Depths 14:59