Moka Only - Patina (Orange Vinyl LP)

2019 release. Daniel Denton is an iconic artist in Canadian hip-hop, based out of Vancouver, performing musical feats under any one of his mysterious aliases. Guised as Ron Contour, Torch, or most notably, as Moka Only, his delivery is consistent and unmatched. He is an acclaimed underground champion, and a true storyteller with an unfathomable collection of stories to tell. Moka works as a multi-faceted artist, and has been writing, producing, and creating relentlessly since the late nineties. Moka Only's Patina is a showcase of Moka's signature smooth, jazzy, hip hop beats, married with lyrical storytelling.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. I Been the One
  2. Funky Like
  3. Right Along
  4. High Life
  5. I Don't Do It Anymore
  6. Digz
  7. Keep the Dream
  8. Pinnache
  9. Sense N' Dollarz
  10. Swift As the Breeze
  11. Your Soul