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Mojack (Greg Ginn) - Car [LP]

Car is the new LP from MOJACK, the instrumental group featuring Greg

Ginn on guitar and bass, Tony Atherton on sax, and Khalil Hebert on drums.

The music has a frenetic buzz, but with strong melodic lines and a groove.

Yes, some of these ''melodic lines'' are out there, but that’s half the fun.

The intense drumming of Hebert keeps the extrapolating journey of the

music pulsating along. The conversing guitar and sax often find common

ground...until they don’t. That’s the other half

of the fun.

Side A

1. In Fame We Trust (2:41)

2. Confusion Of Conformity (5:08)

3. Metal Hack (2:35)

4. Laid Back Kook (1:59)

5. Urban Tomato Farm (5:13)

6. How Important Am I (4:02)

Side B

1. Protecting The Story (5:25)

2. Long Climb Back (2:06)

3. Collecting Sins (2:34)

4. Weirdo Detector (2:46)

5. Isolated Prospects (4:18)

6. Brain Cook (2:34)