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Mo Moshiri - Can I Tell You Something? [LP] (Yellow Colored Vinyl)

Mo Moshiri is an MC, songwriter, and producer. He isperhaps best known however, as one of the foundersof the seminal west coast hip-hop group SweatshopUnion. Together they recorded several albums,performed hundreds of shows, earned Juno Awardnods and WCMA wins, and helped pave the path forthe new generation of artists making waves.After a healthy hiatus, Mo is back from deep spaceand feeling rejuvenated. He wants to talk to YOUabout everything! Or maybe just vibe.The 11 songs on the new album Can I Tell YouSomething? are a potent blend of true-skool hip-hopand global bass music with intelligent and passionaterhymes, and melodies that stay with you. A majorityof the production on the album is handled bylong-time friends Mo and Rob the Viking (SwollenMembers), who have been working together sincethey were both in their teens. In fact, it was Rob whoshowed Mo how to make beats 20 years ago!Working together again was a very natural andpowerful combination, which translated into the wellcrafted record before us. Together, they recorded atthe Chamber on Vancouver Island

TRACKLISTINGHereTestifyWho We Are (feat. Obe G)On My Way (feat. D.O.)Simple SongWake Up (feat. The Brooklyn EL 5's)Tomorrow Brings (feat. Obe G)EarthboundCome AgainNo PhilosophyThe Giant