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Milky Chance - Mind The Moon [2LP] (Vinyl)

MIND THE MOON (produced by longti me collaborator Tobias Kuhn) is the third album from MILKY CHANCE - childhood friends Phillipp Dausch and Clemens Rehbein - and serves as a disti llati on of their songwriti ng spirit. Pulling back from the layered, polyphonic approach of 2017's BLOSSOM - itself a change-up from the sleek minimalism of their breakout debut Sadnecessary, which produced the global smash ''Stolen Dance'' - MIND THE MOON strikes an infecti ous balance of melody and atmosphere. The record's many moods, from the pop-gospel fusion of LADYSMITH BLACK MAMBAZO collaborati on ''Eden's House'' to the dancehall-steeped ''Fado,'' are a result of Dausch and Rehbein's unique arti sti c relati onship, and trace a lifeti me of musical infl uences ranging from reggae and rock to hip-hop, electronica, gospel, and musical styles from around the globe.


Full Length Vinyl 1

Side A Side B

01 Fado
02 Oh Mama
03 The Game

01 Rush (feat. Teme Tan)
02 Long Run
03 Daydreaming - By Milky Chance & Tash Sultana

Full Length Vinyl 2

Side A Side B

01 We Didn't Make It To The Moon
02 Eden's House (feat. Ladysmith Black Mambazo)
03 Scarlet Paintings

01 Right From Here
02 Fallen
03 Window