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Mike Tramp - Stray From The Flock [2LP] (Orange Colored Vinyl, limited)

Mike Tramp has spent a significant portion of the last twenty years studiously carving out a solid solo career for himself as a singer/songwriter. Having long turned his back on the temptation to dwell on former arena- filling glories and extremely comfortable with his chosen path, it matters not to the Dane these days, whether he's playing a small cafe in some far flung town in France or a large outdoor Summer festival in his native Denmark. Mike Tramp is happy being Mike Tramp. ''Many years ago I realized that going back to basics, demanding nothing and being surprised if there was a tray of sandwiches in the dressing room was the way forward,'' he smiles. ''I've played a role on stage in the past - my upbringing on Freddie Mercury and David Bowie allowing me to stand on stage and perform - but you can't carry that rock star stuff off in tiny clubs. You have to be the same guy on stage who came in the front door, went through the crowd to get to that stage and leaves through the same route afterwards. Maybe,'' he laughs, ''selling a T- shirt on the way out'' ''The audiences embraced that approach'' he adds. ''It was the real deal. Besides, I'm just a kid from Copenhagen who never really felt comfortable in the back of a limousine. I want to be the guy who goes out on stage and is simply the person I am, with the ability to pull the songs out of my pocket in the spirit of the moment and not just the songs I have to play.''

01 No End To War
02 Dead End Ride
03 Homesick
01 You Ain't Free Anymore
02 No Closure
03 One Last Mission
04 Live It Out
01 Messiah
02 Best Days Of My Life
03 Die With A Smile On Your Face