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Michael Monroe - One Man Gang [LP] (Colored Vinyl)

A genuine rock star since birth, Michael Monroe innately knows exactly how to sing, swagger and walk the most glamorous and colourful of walks. One Man Gang, the former Hanoi Rocks man's brand new offering on Silver Lining Music, is all about the fun of Friday nights, seven days a week, letting your hair down (or up!) for a dirty, dangerous, damn good time, and embracing a total escape into the rock 'n' roll dream. With Monroe's vocals blazing their unique trail across catchy, low-slung guitars and a range of exciting glamorous hooks and melodies, One Man Gang is old-skool strut with rudely fresh vigour. From the title-track's bombastic bar-room blitz to the cocky lipstick-punk riffs of ''Junk Planet'', Monroe is on a mission to claim what should've been his decades ago. ''Hollywood Paranoia'' is supremely sticky, ''Wasted Years'' is whiskey-soaked boulevards with a slice of harmonica and there's even some straight out hard 'n' fast head-banging to be heard in ''Black Ties And Red Tape'', complete with rip-roaring guitars courtesy of Rich Jones and Steve Cote. Recorded at E-Studio in Sipoo, Finland and produced by band members Michael Monroe, Rich Jones and Steve Cote One Man Gang is going to smash down doors and reinvigorate the rock 'n' roll scene, with Monroe striding back towards the arenas he was born to be in. They don't make them like this anymore, which is why you need to get in on this One Man Gang fast!


Full Length Vinyl 1

Side A Side B

01 One Man Gang
02 Last Train To Tokyo
03 Junk Planet
04 Midsummer Nights
05 The Pitfalls Of Being An Outsider
06 Wasted Years

01 In The Tall Grass
02 Black Ties And Red Tape
03 Hollywood Paranoia
04 Heaven Is A Free State
05 Helsinki Shakedown
06 Low Life In High Places