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Micah Blue Smaldone/Big Blood - split LP [LP] (, limited to 500)

Big Blood is Caleb Mulkerin and Colleen Kinsella. The two have been making music together for around ten years. Today they live together and make ''stuff'' at home in South Portland, Maine, usually between the hours of 8pm and 3am, while their daughter is sleeping. Since November of 2006 they have released a steady stream of CDr and cassette albums mostly on their own label Donttrusttheruin, as well as releases on Phase! Recordings, Peasant Magik, L'animaux Tryst, and Cabin Floor Esoterica. In 2010 Big Blood released Dead Songs, (their most widely available album) on Time-Lag Records. Previous to Big Blood Colleen and Caleb were long time members of Cerberus Shoal and are total fixtures of the Portland, Maine musical landscape.
Micah Blue Smaldone is a singing guitar player, who lived and made music in the same South Portland home as Big Blood for 8 years before moving to the northern extremities of Maine. He has released four solo albums so far - Some Sweet Day (2004), Hither and Thither (2005), and Live in Belgium (2006) on North East Indie Records and The Red River (2008), on Immune Recordings. He is currently working on another. Micah has played in several New England bands and collaborated with folks like Death Vessel and Jack Rose.
Big Blood and Micah Blue Smaldone have previously worked together in the group Fire on Fire, who released an album on Young God Records titled The Orchard (2008). At the request of Immune Recordings, Big Blood and Micah have combined their efforts again to share this LP. Side A features two of Micah's new songs - ''The Mule'', charged with the tension between one's thoughts and feelings, and ''Tell It To The Sun'', a calm reflection on the perils of cynicism. Side B features 3 new pieces by Big Blood centering around the idea of family past, present, and future.

Praise for Micah Blue Smaldone :
''On The Red River, Smaldone sings with an achy, folk-tinged voice - weary but wise - as he explores a world he sees as deeply troubled but ultimately brimming with hope.'' - NPR
''beneath the veneer of dusty Americana there's a song-cycle carrying a heart-of-darkness travelogue filled with terse observations about the malevolent force within us all that slips off the leash with a depressing regularity.'' - BBC

This brand new split LP features new sides of material from both Micah Blue Smaldone and Big Blood
This is the first new material from Micah Blue Smaldone since his acclaimed album The Red River (Immune 002, Nov 2008). He is currently working on a new full length album
Mastered by Harris Newman at Greymarket Mastering, cut to vinyl by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering
The LP is limited to only 500 copies pressed on high quality virgin vinyl at RTI and presented in an uncoated stock LP jacket with a free card
Micah Blue Smaldone's previous Immune release The Red River quickly sold out of a first pressing of 500 upon release
BIg Blood members Caleb Mulkerin and Colleen Kinsella are long time fixtures of the Portland, Maine musical landscape, previously working in the long running group Cerberus Shoal and also joining with Micah in the group Fire on Fire (Young God Records)
Micah Blue Smaldone has previously recorded with Jack Rose and Death Vessel (Sub Pop)

Micah Blue Smaldone
1. The Mule 2. Tell It To The Sun
Big Blood
3. The Queen & Her Court 4. Sister
5. Kentucky Babe