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MewithoutYou - Ten Stories [LP] (Clear Purple With Swamp Green Vinyl, )

mewithoutYou returns with their 5th studio album. Helmed by producer and friend of the band
Daniel Smith (Sufjan Stevens) and mixed by Brad Wood (Sunny Day Real Estate), Ten Stories
is an allegorical collection of songs that, at first listen, follows a winding narrative about a circus
train crash in 19th century Montana. But long-time fans of this band know that although we are
immediately introduced to a talking elephant, fox and tiger, there is always more than meets the
eye. The Run For Cover Records reissue of Ten Stories includes reimagined and expanded packaging
by longtime collaborator Charlie Wagers, as well as new colors of vinyl.

Side A
1. February, 1878
2. Grist for the Malady Mill
3. East Enders Wives
4. Cardiff Giant
5. Elephant in the Dock
6. Aubergine
Side B
7. Fox's Dream of the Log Flume
8. Nine Stories
9. Fiji Mermaid
10. Bear's Vision of St. Agnes
11. All Circles