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Metronomy - Metronomy Forever [2LP] (Vinyl)

On 9/13 Because Music will release Metronomy's eagerly anticipated 6th album Metronomy Forever! The follow-up to 2016's 'Summer 08', Metronomy Forever features 17 tracks born from a desire for breathing room, and not wanting to stuff hits together like a bouquet of petrol station roses - a modern way of listening to music. Metronomy's innate skill for blending off-kilter funk, energising club vibes and esoteric pop is interspersed with some mood-setting, glistening and melodic electronic tracks.

Track Listing
1.Wedding, 2.Whitsand Bay, 3.Insecurity, 4.Salted Caramel Ice Cream, 5.Driving, 1.Lately, 2.Lying Low, 3.Forever Is A Long Time, 4.The Light 1.Sex Emoji, 2.Walking In The Dark, 3.Insecure, 4.Miracle Rooftop, 1.Upset My Girlfriend, 2.Wedding Bells, 3.Lately (Going Spare), 4.Ur Mixtape