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Mesa Ritual - Mesa Ritual [LP] (Transparent Yellow Vinyl, limited to 250)

Formed in New Mexico in 2009, Mesa Ritual is the duo of William Fowler
Collins and Raven Chacon. In their five year existence they have created a concise,
extremely focused, and inimitable body of work consisting of one EP, and this, their first full
length album. Considering the rarified nature of their activities, the resultant sounds would
suggest a process of patient sonic reductionism, whereby only the most essential elements
are allowed to remain in the completed works. These skeletal compositions expose a core
that is both vibrant and severe. Much like the environment from which they originated, the
sounds conjured by Mesa Ritual on their debut full length are simultaneously alluring and
O ver the course of the album's nine tracks a deceivingly spare palette of sounds are
implemented: sporadic gasps of crackling circuitry, arid washes of impenetrable static,
dilapidated field recordings, and insistent cycles of rhythmic thunder. Through a deft and
continual recombination of these elemental pieces, an interwoven series of fevered desert
dreams are invoked in the listener - twisting and looming over the vast horizon, and then
receding as new facets of the evolving storm supersede. Balancing on the precipice between
purgatorial stasis and nightmarish descent, the album evokes the animalistic unease of
finding oneself in familiar surroundings which have been uncannily altered beyond recognition.
A tense listen though it may be, the album is not without its own form of subtle and
serene beauty. In the midst of swirling sandstorms of agitated electronics there beats a
steady heart, unwavering in purpose, poised in harmony. Perhaps it is this foundation of a
pervasive living spirit veiled within the work that invites repeated visits into the outwardly
hostile environments that Mesa Ritual devise.
1. Procession I (3:56)
2. Procession II (5:01)
3. Procession III (2:23)
4. Procession IV (2:07)
5. Procession V (3:00)
6. Procession VI (2:19)
7. Procession VII (4:10)
8. Low Mountain (2:01)
9. Procession VIII (12:00)