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Mangoo - Neverland [2LP] (180 Gram, either Solid Black/Purple, or Transparent Red/Purple) (Vinyl)

Catchy hooks and sweet vocal harmonies backed by a wall of thick fuzzy guitars and hard hitting drums with an added sprinkling of analog synth sounds, combined they result in a truly unique sound. Stoner rock, psychedelia, space rock or maybe it's just best described as Mangoo.

Hailing from Turku, Finland, Mangoo have been busting out the fuzz since 2005 when they released their untitled debut EP. Countless beers, shows and drummers later in 2009 the first full-length, Neolithic (7:45 Records), was released. Since then the line-up has remained unchanged with Pickles playing guitar and singing, Mattarn with some more guitar, Igor bringing the bass, Teemu pounding away at the drums and Nicke playing keys and just generating weird noises... oh, and everybody singing along and having a good time.

2012 will see the release of the bands second album and Small Stone debut, entitled Neverland. Like the debut it was recorded and produced by the band itself and displays growth to a more dynamic and even more varied sound. Neverland delivers the heavy, the mellow, the jams and the hooks. If you believe Benny Grotto, who mixed the album, it's ''a really cool band from Finland [...] who sorta sound like a cross between QOTSA, Rush, Yes, and the Foo Fighters. It's like, weird, proggy stoner rock, but with keyboards and gigantic pop hooks.''

-Double LP
- 180g
- widespine jacket, with 24 point stock upgrade
-colors: 200 solid/ solid (black/ purple), 300 trans/trans (red/purple)


Track Listing:

Side A:
Intro 0:35
Neverland 7:09
Deathmint 4:39
Diamond in the rough 4:22

Side B:
You 5:35
Lose yourself 5:55
Interlude 0:55
You, Robot 4:48

Side C:
Moom 1:56
Painted Black 6:18
Hooks 6:54

Side D:
Home 0:59
Datzun 10:10
Humiliation Express 5:57