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Maartje Teussink - Organic Cities [CD]

Maartje Teussink is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist from the Netherlands. 'Organic Cities' is her newest solo album. After a couple self-handled releases, the 19-track album - published at Bertus Distributie - was integrated in several theaterproductions in the Netherlands and abroad. The album written and produced by Maartje Teussink herself exists of different layer by layer recorded arrangements and English sung lyrics. The development and the recording of the songs, the artwork and lyrics, was realized during travels between different cities between 2016-2018, the title 'Organic Cities' is a name for music as a binding and constant factor in an always changing time and place. The songs give an impression of a constant world of emotions while gathering impressions and experience in a city-moving world.


1 Turn into a Dream

2 City Sees Me

3 Dust and Stones

4 No Nearer

5 For You

6 Keep it Right

7 You would want me to

8 Organic Cities

9 Labyrinth

10 New Ways

11 Rising Above

12 Drawn to See (Live)

13 Floating

14 Sudden Rainfall

15 Go Round

16 Interval

17 Back in Time

18 All asked for

19 Take me