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Love Is All I Bring - Love Is All I Bring [2LP] (Vinyl)

Love Is All I Bring showcases the very talented female performers of Trojan Records, who in the world of reggae can often to be overlooked. Featuring vocals from the likes of Millie Small, Althea & Donna, Marcia Griffith, Phyllis Dillon, and Susan Cadogan plus productions by Sonia Pottinger, this all female collection also includes personal album notes from musician Rhoda Dakar. Split across 2 LP's, with 'hits' on one and 'rarities' on the other, this collection comprises some of the greatest reggae tracks, whilst highlighting the importance and talent of Jamaican female artists.


Full Length Vinyl 1

Side A Side B

01 Uptown Top Ranking - By Althea & Donna
02 Hurt so Good - By Susan Cadogan
03 Girlie Girlie - By Sophia George
04 I Shall Sing - By Judy Mowatt
05 Stepping Out of Babylon - By Marcia Griffiths
06 Lovin' You - By Janet Kay

01 I'm Still In Love With You - By Marcia Aitken
02 Angel of the Morning - By Joya Landis
03 Perfidia - By Phyllis Dillon
04 Spell - By Sylvia Tella
05 Barbwire (Edit) - By Nora Dean
06 Honey Hush - By Millie

Full Length Vinyl 2

Side A Side B

01 Love Was All I Had - By Phyllis Dillon
02 Back Weh - By Faye Bennett
03 Good Woman - By Lorna Bennett
04 Come with Me - By Sonya Spence
05 Sensi for Sale (Edit) - By Sandra Robinson & The Tuff Tones
06 Downtown Thing - By Althea

01 Give and You Get - By Marcia Griffiths
02 I Let You Go Boy - By Dawn Penn
03 Dynamic - By Paula Clarke
04 If - By Susan Cadogan
05 My Willow Tree - By Hortense Ellis
06 Back in My Arms Again - By Doreen Shaeffer