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Lou Reed - Thinking Of Another Place [3LP] (Vinyl)

Bang! Records announces Thinking Of Another Place, Lou Reed's first triple-live vinyl LP from 1976's Rock'n'Roll Heart USA tour. A superb performance recorded for radio broadcast, restored and remastered, Reed plays seven tracks from that album alongside songs from Transformer (1972), Berlin (1973), Sally Can't Dance (1974, and Coney Island Baby (1975), as well as some excellent Velvet Underground thrown in for good measure. Absolutely killer live performance with high sound quality, released in a trifold jacket with extensive liner notes by Jaime Gonzalo and Nina Antonia, including previously unseen photography courtesy of Bob Bery and rare live posters and magazine covers from those days courtesy of Gonzalo. Recorded at Civic Theatre, Akron, Ohio (USA), October 23rd, 1976. Edition of 500, released under license from Easy Action Records. Personnel: Lou Reed - vocals and guitar; Michael Fonfara - keyboards; Bruce Yaw - bass; Marty Fogel - sax; Michael Suchorsky - drums. - A1. Intro Jam
A2. Sweet Jane
A3. Coney Island Baby
B1. I Believe In Love
B2. Lisa Says
B3. Kicks
B4. She's My Best Friend
C1. I'm Waiting For The Man
C2. A Sheltered Life
C3. The Kids
C4. Claim To Fame
C5. Vicious Circle
D1. Walk On The Wild Side
D2. Rock And Roll Heart
D3. Charley's Girl
D4. Kill Your Sons
D5. Satellite Of Love
E1. How Do You Think It Feels
E2. You Wear It So Well
E3. Oh Jim
F1. Berlin
F2. Ladies Pay
F3. Heroin