Lost Dog Street Band - Rage And Tragedy [LP] Black Vinyl

Lost Dog Street Band return with their 4th studio album. This time exploring darker themes of isolation, chemical dependence, and struggle. The inclusion of a full rhythm section makes this album sturdier than past efforts. Vinyl etching in place of the B-side center label. Download card included.


Side A: 1. September Doves 2. Hell's Canyon 3. Ole Yegg Lee 4. Hard Road Again 5. Nobody's Baby Now 6. I Remember You Well Side B: 1. Coming Down 2. One Shot To Wake 3. Can't Get Away From Yourself 4. I Hope You're Wrong 5. 'Til I'm Gone 6. Hate To See You Go, But Happy For The Time We Shared DON'T JUST LISTEN TO MUSIC EXPERIENCE IT.