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Locrian - Infinite Dissolution [LP]

Debilitating U.S. doom/drone force Locrian have announced that their second LP for Relapse Records will wreck us all later this summer. The follow-up to 2013's Return to Annihilation is ominously titled Infinite Dissolution. A press release explains that the latest release from the trio is a concept record ''dealing with the struggle of human extinction.'' The bleakly themed album was tracked at Chicago's Electric Audio with Greg Norman (Russian Circles, Pelican) working the boards. Brad Boatright later mixed it all at Audiosiege in Portland. The nine-song cycle is said to navigate itself through an experimental blend of black metal, post-rock, drone, electronic experimentation and ''dark ambience.'' It's said to be in the same ball park as acts like SUNN O))), Deafheaven, Godspeed! You Black Emperor and Zombi. 1. Arc of Extinction 2. Dark Shales 3. KXL I 4. The Future of Death 5. An Index of Air i. Divinations ii. Air Structures iii. Watcher of the Clouds 6. KXL II 7. The Great Dying 8. Heavy Water 9. KXL II