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Local Natives - VIOLET STREET [LP] (Vinyl)

If you distilled California into soundwaves and vibrations, it might resemble the sonic and spiritual interplay of the Los Angeles quintet Local Natives. VIOLET STREET revels in its stylistic eclecticism ranging from kinetic and propulsive pop (''When Am I Gonna Lose You'') to sun-drenched grooves (''Cafe Amarillo'') and stark emotive ballads (''Tap Dancer''). Produced by Shawn Everett (Kacey Musgraves, War On Drugs, Alabama Shakes), their 4th full length album proves to be their most diverse.

1. Vogue, 2. When Am I Gonna Lose You, 3. Cafe Amarillo, 4. Munich II, 5. Megaton Mine, 6. Someday Now, 7. Shy, 8. Garden Of Elysian, 9. Gulf Shores, 10. Tap Dancer