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Lo-Pan - Sasquanaut [LP] (180 Gram Black, Green or Red Vinyl, limited to 500)

As I said a handful of reviews ago, it's always refreshing when I come across an album that doesn't reek of the usual influences. Enter Columbus, Ohio's Lo Pan, who eschews the Kyuss-Sabbath-Queens of the Stone Age trifecta for that of Boston's Only Living Witness.

Most of that stems from vocalist Jeff Martin, who's a dead ringer for OLW frontman Jonah Jenkins. But that's not to say that the rest of the band - Brian Fristoe, J. Bartz, and Skot Thompson - isn't that far removed from the Innocents and Prone Mortal Form hardcore-meets-rock riff slinging. There's definitely a correlation between Sasquanaut's ''Dragline'' and ''Kramer'' and OLW's ''Total Particle Reversal'' and ''December.''

Mind you, I'm not complaining. In the wild, wooly world of stoner rock, there are more than enough bands dishing out the prerequisite fat riffs and thick grooves. It's refreshing to hear a rock band that balances a harder edge with some classic, soaring vocals. You get that in spades with Sasquanaut, and if you're a fan of OLW - or Disengage, another like-minded band that burned bright and fast - you'll find Lo Pan to be exactly what you need.


LTD 500 units

100 black

100 silver (exclusive to the band)

100 clear red

100 clear green (exclusive to the band)

100 solid green

Single Jacket - heavier stock updgrade

Polylined sleeves


Lo-Pan is:

Brian Fristoe: guitar

JBartz: drums

Jeff Martin: vocals

Skot Thompson: bass

Nicholle Dieckman performs backing vocals on ''Vego''.

Tracks 1-7: Recorded and engineered by: Paul Maccarrone and ''Buddy'' Akita @ Zombie ProofStudios - Cleveland, OH.

Track 8: Recorded and engineered by: Adam Smith @ CDR - Columbus, OH.

Mixed by: Benny Grotto @ Mad Oak Studios - Allston, MA

Mastered by: Chris Goosman @ Basline Audio - Ann Arbor, MI

Artwork and Design by: Joe Fortunato


Side Alpha

Dragline 6:00

Savage Henry 7:05

Kurtz 5:20

Callahan 3:30

Side Beta

Kramer 6:27

Vega 5:12

Wade Garrett 10:23