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Lisa Ono - Brasil [LP] (Japanese import, OBI strip) (Vinyl)

Vinyl edition of the album ''Brasil'' released in 2014. Lisa Ono sings masterpieces of Samba & Bossa Nova.

Since the CD debut in 1989, Lisa Ono has been leading Japanese Brazilian music scene, putting her original songs and masterpieces from Brazil and around the world on a pleasant Bossa Nova rhythm, singing with her refreshing voice. This album is composed of recordings of the masterpieces of Brazilian Samba / Bossa Nova with Rio musicians.

130gr vinyl, single-pocket standard jacket, OBI, and 4 pages of liner notes

LISTEN/WATCH ''Eu Quero um Samba'':



1. Upa Neguinho

2. Eu Quero um Samba

3. Mas Que Nada

4. Tim Dom Dom

5. Lapinha

6. O Cantador


1. Bim Bom

2. Reza

3. Sa Marina

4. Bossa na Praia

5. Chove Chuva

6. Roda