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Light The Torch - Revival [LP] (limited) (Vinyl)

The winds of change most definitely fanned the flame for LIGHT THE TORCH. On their 2018 full-length debut ''Revival'', the Los Angeles, CA trio-Howard Jones [vocals], Francesco Artusato [guitar], and Ryan Wombacher [bass]-drew from five years together as DEVIL YOU KNOW only to forge a wholly distinct path. Amidst myriad struggles, they returned from the brink under a new banner. Light the Torch wrote the 12 anthems comprising ''Revival'' and recorded them in Los Angeles with the help of WOVENWAR and AS I LAY DYING bassist and producer Josh Gilbert [BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, SUICIDE SILENCE] behind the board. Joined by EXTINCTION A.D. drummer Mike ''Scuzz'' Sciulara behind the kit, the guys put their heads down and really focused on making an album as a whole, placing more emphasis on the songs flowing cohesively from one to the next.


Full Length Vinyl 1

Side A Side B

01 Die Alone
02 The God I Deserve
03 Calm Before the Storm
04 Raise the Dead
05 The Safety of Disbelief
06 Virus

07 The Great Divide
08 The Bitter End
09 Lost in the Fire
10 The Sound of Violence
11 Pull My Heart Out
12 Judas Convention