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Lexia - Good Morning To You / Lovelight [7''] (Japanese import, two rare early 70's U.S. soft rock/folk classics, limited) (Vinyl)

The great soft rock masterpiece ''Good Morning To You'' is a number that makes you dance too much. A French composer, Jean Leccia, led by the United States in the early 1970s, a 7'' single from Lexia's 1972 masterpiece album, Lexia.

French composer Jean Leccia, active since the 1960s A single cut of famous songs from the 1972 studio album of Lexia (The Jean Leccia Interpolation), a group led by the United States, with a soulful singing voice. The elegant arrangement and uplifting melody are attractive, especially the best ''A1. Good Morning To You'' from the song name. A fascinating acco soul / soft rock inspired by a bouncing intro piano, but a country-style arrangement that seems to be conscious of the US market was also the one and only number that succeeded in pop. ''B1. Lovelight'' is a dazzling masterpiece in which the powerful melody grabs the heart with a dramatic arrangement and makes you impressed whenever you drop the needle.


This item is for Record Day 2019.

* first 7'' reprint of a single format world
* fancy Japanese edition jacket is included
* sealed in the Company Sleeve of Universal-Cine special
* use the remastered sound source for analog for this reprint / Japanese pressing High quality vinyl

A1 Good Morning To You
B1 Lovelight