Leon Bridges - Good Thing [LP] (180 Gram, download)

Good Thing is he eagerly awaited sophomore album from Grammy Award nominated R&B recording artist and songwriter Leon Bridges. The album is the follow up to Leon’s critically acclaimed, Gold Certified debut album Coming Home.

Good Thing was executive produced by Ricky Reed, and finds Leon Bridges taking his music in a more modern R&B direction while staying true to his signature style. Following the announcement of the album, Leon also released two tracks to instantaneous praise - “Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand” and “Bad Bad News.”

Good Thing is born from the song “Bad Bad News”, which contains the line “They say that I was born to lose, but I made a good good thing, out of bad bad news.” Says Leon, “I loved my experience with Coming Home. Being at the Grammys, hearing my name said out loud alongside artists like D’Angelo in my category, that was a major moment for me. I remember watching Bruno, Justin and The Weeknd, and making the decision that for this next album, I was going to go for it, and step up to the plate. I’m ready.”

In addition to the critical acclaim and commercial success of Leon Bridge’s debut album, his backstory became fairly well known. Leon went from working as a dishwasher and struggling through the open mic scene in his native Fort Worth, Texas to a two-time Grammy nominated artist performing at the White House for President Obama, attending the Met Gala and appearing on Saturday Night Live within a two year span.

Good Thing finds Leon Bridges a more experienced artist, and this new album showcases a man’s continued rise from little opportunity to embracing the world stage. If Coming Home was Leon Bridges in black and white, then Good Thing is Leon Bridges in technicolor.

1. Bet Ain’t Worth The Hand
2. Bad Bad News
3. Shy
4. Beyond
5. Forgive You

1. Lions
2. If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be)
3. You Don’t Know
4. MRS.
5. Georgia to Texas