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Leisure Centre - Mind Full (CD)

2018 release. Melbourne R&B slow jammers (and heart throbbers) Leisure Centre are proud to announce the release of their long awaited debut album, Mind Full. The album, which sits on a darker and more electronic plane to their previous EP, takes their staple of 808 kick drums and tight vocal harmonies into almost Little Dragonesque territories. Mind Full sees the band experiment with frenetic drum programming, cascading synthesizers and intimate vocals. The album is a tour of extremes, from the sparse minimalism of title track 'Mind Full' to the exuberant disco maximalism of 'Sucka'. It's also a perfect marriage of lofi and hifi digital technology: Hugh Rabinovici originally created demos using only GarageBand on an iPhone 4, with the final mixes by Bob Knob still retaining some elements from those humble beginnings. Mind Full is Leisure Centre's first major release since their 2016 EP, One Plus One. Expect more sweet lead vocals, more stacked harmonies, more live instrumentation, more electronica, more digital, more analog, more bump, more grind and more vibe.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. You Don't Want to Be with Me
  2. Don't Let Go (With Bec Rigby)
  3. Those Days
  4. Something Better
  5. Sucka
  6. Solace
  7. Getting to Know
  8. Mind Full
  9. Holding Out
  10. All I Long for
  11. Can't Be Found