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Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret - The Cowboy & The Lady [LP] (gatefold, of all Ann-Margret's LHI tracks) (Vinyl)

The ''Cowboy'' moved slowly out of the booth and into the studio. You could tell by the look in his eyes, that the half-dozen shots of Chivas Regal had put his ego to rest, and he was ready to sing with the ''Lady.'' They Sang for three nights - the ''Cowboy'' and the ''Lady'', and the Gods were kind, and their album was finished on time. Herein, lie the results... some good, some bad and some more. - Lee Hazlewood

''He had that wonderful, raw sense of humor and that good ol' boy accent. He certainly could turn a phrase.'' -Ann-Margret

In 1969 Lee Hazlewood's personal record label LHI Records was flush with major label cash and Lee wanted to make Ann-Margret his next big star. In the quest for a hit, the pair recorded fuzzed out acid rock (''It's A Nice World To Visit (But Not To Live In)'' & ''You Turned My Head Around,'') orchestral pop (''Sleep in the Grass'' & ''Chico'') and a genuine country album cut in Nashville.

Light in the Attic Records is proud to continue it's Lee Hazlewood archival series with an expanded reissue of Lee & Ann-Margret's The Cowboy & The Lady. The album is Hazlewood's truest country album and a perfect example of the genre hopping he was afforded at LHI with unlimited creative freedom and money to burn. Recorded over a weekend in Nashville with the help of Charlie McCoy and some Nashville session musicians.

''That was 47 years and about 5000 sessions ago.'' - Charlie McCoy

With improvised lines like ''Look at her standing there with chili all over her dress / If I knew her better, I'd give her a puppy,'' the sessions were loose and fun, with most tracks cut in one or two takes.

''I had done things in Nashville before. I worked with The Jordanaires in '62 or '63. We did a lot of things. I had worked with Charlie McCoy, Floyd Cramer, and Chet Atkins. I love the feeling of Nashville.'' - Ann-Margret

A whirlwind year of lear jet promo tours, magazine photo shoots, television specials and cutting records for LHI wasn't able to bring the success that Lee and Ann-Margret pushed for. A second LHI album with Ann-Margret was planned but never recorded. Within a year of making the trip to Nashville, Lee would be living in Sweden full-time and Ann-Margret would focus on her acting career for the better part of a decade. Nothing exemplifies Lee's ''throw it against the wall and see if it sticks'' record production of the LHI era like his work with Ann-Margret. Though it didn't stick, and it didn't sell, Lee's adventure with Ann-Margret is an extravagant tangent that has since grown a cult following...

* Album remastered from pristine LHI master tapes
* Includes non-album LHI singles as bonus tracks
* Download card for all of Ann-Margret's LHI tracks including previously unreleased tracks
* Liner notes by Hunter Lea including interviews with Ann-Margret & Suzi Jane Hokom
* Essay by Lydia Hyslop
* LP housed in a deluxe gatefold Stoughton tip-on jacket

1. Am I That Easy to Forget 2. Only Mama That'll Walk the Line 3. Greyhound Bus Depot 4. Walk On Out of My Mind 5. Hangin' On 6. Victims of the Night 7. Break My Mind 8. You Can't Imagine 9. Sweet Thing 10. No Regrets 11. Dark End Of The Street 12. You Turned My Head Around 13. It's A Nice World To Visit (But Not To Live In) 14. Sleep in the Grass 15. Chico