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Lazy Smoke - Corridor Of Faces Demos [LP] (limited to 500)

In 2010, Jackpot reissued Lazy Smoke ''Corridor of Faces'', the sole output from a short lived Massachusetts psychedelic pop anomaly called Lazy Smoke that existed for a blink of an eye in 1968.

Unearthed and recently recovered is this handful of spare demos. Crushingly honest and intimate, most of these songs would later see reworked for the debut album.

In addition to the twelve 1967 demos, Corridor Of Faces Demos LP also includes two songs originally recorded to acetate in 1966 by pre-Lazy Smoke project: The Road Runners. These two slabs of proto-garage have never seen the light of day, and none of the songs included here have ever been released on vinyl.

A must have for any fan of the proper album, but also a fantastic stand alone piece, creating an undeniable mood that can warm or chill you before any given song comes to a close.

Sales points
* Limited to 500 copies
* Demos of one of the most collectible & respected psych albums
* Unreleased '67 acetate of The Road Runners included

I Don't Need The Sun - Demo
Changing The Time - Demo
Wait Till You See - Demo
Scarecrow - Demo
I Could Fall Asleep - Demo
Come With The Day - Demo
Am I Wrong - Demo
Salty People - Demo
There Was A Time - Demo
Sarah Saturday - Demo
Jackie-Marie - Demo
All These Years - Demo
You Don't Understand Girl - The Road Runners
One Light - The Road Runners