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Latyrx - The Muzapper's Mixes [2LP] (Colored Vinyl)

Bonus cuts feature production by DJ
Shadow, DJ Z Trip, and The Herbaliser.
Includes DL card for the entire album,
plus a brand new track from Lyrics
Born's upcoming album 'Quite A Life'
More than 20 years after its initial release, Latyrx ''The
Muzapper Mixes'' has stood the test of time and with
this reissue is sure to enter the pantheon of certified
Bay Area classics.
Latyrx, the duo consisting of lyricists Lyrics Born
and Lateef The Truthspeaker initially partnered
while at UC Davis in the early 90s driven by
brothers-in-beats-and-rhymes Blackalicious and DJ
Shadow. This was the earliest incarnation of the
Solesides collective. Partially by design, and partially
out of necessity, Latyrx-and the Solesides crew as a
whole-became trailblazers.
Lyrics Born Remembers, ''We really wanted to
explore. New styles, new subject matter, new textures,
new vocabulary. It came down to even wanting to do
words in the English language that you had never
heard in a rap song before. It was all about pushing.''
This double LP edition features the entire A and B side
from the original Muzappers Mixes vinyl release along
with a second LP containing material not found on the
original issue including the cuts ''Storm Warning'', ''The
Wreckoning'', ''Watch Out'' and ''Ocho Puntos.'' As an
extra special feature, the D side rounding things out
with an untitled and unreleased bonus cut.

A1. Rankin' No. 1 A2. Aim For The Flickering Flame A3. The Bumpin' Contraption (The Recalibration)
B1. Lady Don't Tek No * B2. Cloud #9 B3. Lost In The Feelin'
C1. Regions * C2. Storm Warning C3. The Wreckoning
D1. Ocho Puntos D2. Watch Out (All Night Intro) (feat. Lateef, Chali 2na, Rakka, Lyrics Born, Gift Of Gab, DJ Shadow, DJ Q-Bert, Z-Trip)