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Large Professor - In The Scrolls b/w Own World (12'') (Vinyl) LP

Following two acclaimed solo albums in the last four years, Hempstead, Long Island MC/producer Roc Marciano embarks on a new feat. Having almost exclusively showcasing his slick, gritty narratives over self-produced sparse, nostalgic beats, the former Flipmode Squad member and U.N. co-founder is opening his unique sound to some of his friends and respected peers for December 10's Marci Beaucoup. with the third LP, Roc looks forward to offering an array of videos. "It's important for people to see records come to life. I'm trying to do more of that," said Roc, who hopes this project awakens more of his peers in addition to the growing fan-base. "People can now see how I do albums, and become more comfortable with it. Hopefully, more artists I respect can ask me to produce." in his trademark dry nature, the double-threat looks ahead and says, "I don't only just wanna be rappin'.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. A1 In The Scrolls (Dirty)
  2. A2 In The Scrolls (Instrumental)
  3. A3 In The Scrolls (Acapella)

Disc: 2

  1. B1 Own World
  2. B2 Own World (Instrumental)
  3. B3 In The Scrolls (Clean)