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Lakes - Fire Ahead [2LP] (Vinyl)

An Indie-Rock band from San Luis Obispo, California, Lakes formed in 2005. After years of being close friends and playing in different bands, Matt
Covington, Jeremy Wells, Jacob Wick, and Seth Roberts became Lakes. After releasing an EP, a full length, and doing multiple tours, Lakes went into the
studio to work on their most definitive album yet. The songs reflect the years of friendship, the low and high points of life they have shared together, as
well as the lessons and beauty seen through it all. There are no gimmicks with Lakes, no eyeliner, no frills, just honest songs about this thing we all have
in common, life.
1) Fire Ahead A.
2) 1992
3) Hold On
4) Hide Away
5) My Misery
6) Santa Ana Winds
7) Yellie
8) Holiday
9) Armacost Avenue
10) Diamond Eyes
11) Goodbye Santa Monica
12) Fire Ahead B.
13) Armacost Ave (Acoustic Demo)
14) Santa Ana Winds (Acoustic Demo)
15) Yellie (Acoustic Demo)
16) Goodbye Santa Monica (Acoustic Demo)