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Krekpek - AudioDope 03 (2XLP) (Vinyl)

Double vinyl LP pressing. A kick and a snare - a European affair: From the idea of providing a platform for friendly producers came a beat tape series, which provoked an international response and grew over the years. Now the third edition of AudioDope appears. Three years have passed since the success of AudioDope 02. Time used at the Krekpek home to upgrade: the collective has restructured to imprint. At the end of 2015, Benne Basquiat and Figub Brazlevic jointly raised Krekpek Records. After more than one and a half years of careful selection, the young label presents another release in the catalog with AudioDope 03. Brazlevic is again responsible for arranging and mixing, and on the 29 tracks a mixture of young savages and well-established greats will prove their abilities. Balanced and without stylistic blinkers, the third edition brings together what belongs together. Hardest head-nod snares, playful jazz sax, warm basslines, futuristic plug-in screw and classic synth bounce. The variety of beatmakers proves how versatile instrumental hip-hop is. The productions presented here are not only from Germany, but also from France, Belgium and Austria - Gibmafuffi, FloFilz, Enaka, Bluestaeb, Sonus and Kabuki feature.

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