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Kool Keith - Total Orgasm (3XCD Box Set + Condom)

Legendary rapper Kool Keith returns with Total Orgasm: Deluxe Edition, which culls material from his three volume mixtape collection of the same name, all available for the very first time in full on physical media. And naturally, it wouldn't be a deluxe Kool Keith boxset without the outrageously far-out album art emblazoned on a gleaming clamshell case and, of course, a Kool Keith-stamped condom thrown in for good measure. Featuring production from frequent collaborator DJ Junkaz Lou along with a host of new faces, as well as Keith himself and guest features from Big Sche Eastwood and the ever-reliable A.G. (of pioneering NYC outfit D.I.T.C.), among many others, Total Orgasm is Keith at his spaciest, far more than merely another amusing oddity in his ever-expanding canon.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. The Ultra Legendary (Intro)
  2. Swag
  3. Fat Pussy
  4. Jedi Supreme
  5. Acura
  6. Locka Locka
  7. R.I.P Dr Octagon (Death Certificate RMX)
  8. Slam Dunk
  9. Total Orgasm
  10. Extra Thoughts
  11. Nice Nasty
  12. Flash Gordon
  13. Belly Out
  14. Bootys Low
  15. Bobby Black
  16. Prada

Disc: 2

  1. Total Orgasm 2 (Intro)
  2. New York Bitches
  3. Get It While U Can
  4. Lyrical Exercise
  5. Ain't Sweet
  6. Ass in My Face
  7. G - Something
  8. Vacation Spot
  9. Fly Star
  10. Balls Out
  11. Heavy Champagne
  12. Answer Phone
  13. Staring My Face
  14. Tears Ft. Metropolis
  15. How You Want It
  16. Hotel Night
  17. MC New York
  18. Tears

Disc: 3

  1. Orgasmic Intro
  2. Rude & Arrogant
  3. Masterbate Girl
  4. Run This
  5. Tag Team
  6. Tight Pants, Skinny Legs
  7. Cock
  8. Never Pay Cheap Pussy
  9. All Star
  10. Bellytouching
  11. Dick in Her Ass
  12. Forever Mine
  13. Deal Closer (Junkadelic Mix)
  14. Spit, Spit, Spit
  15. Stanky Azz Pussy
  16. Pussy on the Beach
  17. Boney
  18. Fuck Em They Old Skool
  19. Everybody Wanna Be Pregnant
  20. Talk Nasty
  21. Coke Monster Bomb
  22. I Want My Dick Sucked