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Konradsen - Saints And Sebastian Stories [LP] (Vinyl)

Konradsen is the Oslo-based duo of Jenny Marie Sabel and Eirik Vildgren. Together they create pensive pop songs that explore the interior and weave a world uniquely their own. Konradsen's material is simultaneously sparse and full, a layered patchwork of hushed vocals, muted piano, atmospheric electronic productions and ambient foley. Their debut album, Saints and Sebastian Stories, is a collection of arrestingly beautiful piano-based pop songs, underpinned by a loose, hymnal quality, and imbued with a nostalgic warmth. As the music breathes, unexpected textures flicker in and out of the mix: clips from films that Jenny's father made in the 80s and 90s, conversational snippets from a family dinner, flashes of experimental production, harmonic tinkering on the piano. Konradsen are compelling in their homespun sincerity, and refreshing in their singular newness.
A1. Never Say A
A2. Big Bruce
A3. Television Land
A4. Dice
A5. Cosmic Kid Vibration
A6. Baby Hallelujah
A7. Warm Wine
A8. No One Ever Told Us
B1. Odd Mistake
B2. Red to Rhyme
B3. Roasted
B4. Give
B5. Written to the Others