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Konami/Nickelodeon - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time (Soundtrack) [LP] (Big Apple Green Vinyl, gatefold)

* Big Apple Green Vinyl
* Power-Up Gatefold Jacket w/ Flippable Art
* Remastered Exclusively for Vinyl
* Album Art by Aled Lewis

The plot of Turtles in Time is the stuff of sci-fi lunacy - a supercollage cast of baddies battling through the ages: Krang donning his trademark exosuit stealing the statue of liberty, metal-mouthed Shredder hijacking the TV airwaves, prehistoric dinos, grimey pirates, neon-future robots, mutated sewer nasties, etc.. Enter the mean, green, fighting machines, on a hard rock collision course to reset the space-time continuum back to a peaceful, cheesy-grease-soaked state. This is one of the greatest SNES soundtracks of all time, expertly mastered for the first time ever on vinyl, cozied away in a choose-your-own-adventure pizza (or bomb) box... cowabunga!
Turtle Power, Turtle Select, Channel 6/The Lady Liberty Vanishes, Big Apple, 3 AM, Alleycat Blues, Sewer Surfin', The Technodrome Appears, Technodrome - Let's Kick Shell!, Going Up, Shredder's Trump Card, Turning Back The Clock, Prehistoric Turtlesaurus, Let's Do The Time Warp Again, Skull & Crossbones, Bury My Shell At Wounded Knee, Neon Night-Riders, Star Base - Where No Turtle Has Gone Before, Climactic Battle, Technodrome - The Final Shell Shock, Bouncing Back, Bummer..., All Clear!, Signing Off, Try Harder, Flying High, Warming Up, Under Pressure, In The Nick of Time, Sparring Match, Eye of the Turtle, Thanks For the Memories, Pizza Power