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Knack, The - Get The Knack [SACD] (Hybrid SACD, limited/numbered to 2000)

One of the Most Instantly Successful Debut Albums in History: The Knack's Attitudinal Get the Knack Loaded With Power Pop, Catchy Hooks, and Keen Melodies

Mastered from the Original Master Tapes and Strictly Limited to 3000 Numbered Copies on 180g Vinyl LP and 2000 Numbered Copies on SACD: Reissues Teem with Abundant Energy and Engaging Immediacy

Straightforward in Sleaziness and Sexuality: Five-Times Platinum Get the Knack Includes ''My Sharona,'' ''Good Girls Don't,'' and ''Your Number or Your Name''

Most everyone knows the Knack's Get the Knack because of the ubiquitous smash ''My Sharona,'' a contagious hit that still plays countless times everyday on radio stations nationwide. But the appeal and significance of the Los Angeles quartet's 1979 debut extend far beyond the career-making single. Loaded with tight power pop, hummable hooks, blunt lyrics, and precision playing, the controversy-igniting set resonates with an ageless freshness that's influenced everyone from Kurt Cobain to modern indie artists such as the Mountain Goats. Aided by tongue-in-cheek marketing, a sly cover-art reference to the Beatles' Meet the Beatles, and Mack Truck-sized refrains, Get the Knack has sold more than five million copies. Straightforward in its sleaziness and sexuality, the record pulls no punches about teenage frustrations, boy-girl one-upmanship, ''sticky sweet romance,'' and unrequited passions for the opposite sex. Every song bursts forth with undeniable catchiness, firecracker release, and sassy style - an approach Rolling Stone rightly says finds the ''band [winding] itself tighter than a hot pair of disco jeans, then [doing] its best to hold to that energy until it's time to explode.''

Mastered from the original master tapes, Mobile Fidelity's RTIpressed 180g LP and SACD reissues - strictly limited to 3000 and 2000 numbered copies, respectively - bring the album's urgent harmonies, keen melodies, bell-clear tones, and snapping percussion into the limelight. Graced with large-scale frequency extension and ample separation, the feisty music now teems with added energy, body, and immediacy. Absent the dynamic compression that squelched previous reissues, songs blossom with detail, openness, and brashness. Get the Knack on vinyl and SACD from Mobile Fidelity!

Track List
1. Let Me Out
2. Your Number or Your Name
3. Oh Tara
4. (She's So) Selfish
5. Maybe Tonight
6. Good Girls Don't
7. My Sharona
8. Heartbeat
9. Siamese Twins (The Monkey and Me)
10. Lucinda
11. That's What the Little Girls Do
12. Frustrated