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Kill Holiday - Somewhere Between The Wrong Is Right [LP] (, limited to 700)

KILL HOLIDAY was formed in 1994 by Steven Andrew Miller (UNBROKEN), Robert Moran (UNBROKEN), Barry Kellman (AMENITY/HOUSE OF SUFFERING) and Oscar Paz (STATEMENT, IMPEL). Influenced by bands such as QUICKSAND and JAWBREAKER, KILL HOLIDAY set out to create music that was still heavy but emotionally charged at the same time. A four-song EP on New Age Records titled Monitor Dependency was soon released. This lineup played a handful of shows until Robert left the band and was replaced by June Cate (IMPEL, I WISH I). Three more songs were released by Indecision Records with a split 7'' with DEMPSEY (ex-UNDERTOW) and a song featured on the Guilty By Association compilation. Todd Beattie (UNBROKEN) joined on bass and newcomer Chris Perreira came in on guitar. Soon a two-song single titled Meant to Let You Down was released on Simba, followed by the band's first European tour.

After this tour the band's co-founder Barry Kellman decided to leave the group. Barry's volume and drumming style was always a key factor in KILL HOLIDAY's live shows and would be difficult to replace. In came band photographer Gabriel Gamboa (I WISH I) on drums and a new direction would soon be in place.

Growing tired of the typical pos- hardcore sound, KILL HOLIDAY reinvented themselves and retraced the footsteps that led them to hardcore in the first place; great eighties pop like THE SMITHS, RIDE, THE CHARLATANS - Englishmen with ideals and emotions matched in intensity only by their subcultural counterparts in Washington, DC at the time: RITES OF SPRING, EMBRACE, SOULSIDE. Taking a big risk Somewhere Between The Wrong Is Right was released by Revelation Records, followed by a European tour with local friends JEJUNE and a US tour after that. After one more tour of the US the same year, KILL HOLIDAY decided to call it quits in 2000.
1. Somewhere Between The Wrong Is Right
2. Friday June 13th
3. Someday You Will Lose And I Will Win
4. You're Taking It Well
5. Know Who Your Friends Are
6. How Sure Are You
7. Something Borrowed Something Blue
8. This Is A Test
9. A Drug I Haven't Done
10. In Closing (Memorial Day)