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Kev Brown - Songs Without Words Vol 1 & Vol 2 (CD)

Double Feature includes 2 full Instrumental albums on one CD (26 tracks total). Produced entirely by Kev Brown. The formula to Hip Hop is a simple one. Regardless of what gets added to or extracted from it, quality beats and rhymes remain the key ingredients transcending trends, technology and tastes. Low Budget's Kev Brown is one producer/MC who gets it. Like any good artist, you know what to expect from him. In an era where artists go off tangentially never seeming to return to true form, he understands the discipline to stay the course and hold fast to the lessons learned from the legends that have come before him. This ethos wins fans and builds a legacy. As any artist that endures the rigors of subjecting your creativity to the scrutiny of the public, Kev withstands the ups and downs while remaining loyal to his fans, his sound, his MPC, and, most importantly, himself. For listeners that are new Kev's bass-driven sound, this archive is the perfect place to start. And if you're already up on what Kev does on the MPC, you already know... "Songs Without Words Volume 1 & 2" is a double feature CD that includes 28 hard to find or previously unreleased instrumentals produced by Kev Brown.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. 1% (Out the MPC)
  2. Life (RMX)
  3. Batida
  4. Look
  5. Multiply
  6. Another Private Conversation
  7. Couldn't Hear Me Over the Music (RMX)
  8. Whoever Programmed Us (RMX)
  9. The Marvin Joint (Out the MPC)
  10. Shotgun
  11. Come Back
  12. Armada Latina (RMX)
  13. Solid
  14. Gritz
  15. Audio Background
  16. Firewater
  17. Eye-Q Interlude
  18. Hook
  19. Rappin'
  20. Songs
  21. My Apology
  22. Low Budget 260
  23. Army Fatigue Rap
  24. The Combination
  25. We Gon' Go
  26. More Gritz